How Bloom Credit Works

Bloom Credit works directly with the lenders to graduate their applicants to the point of credit score eligibility.

Here's how we do it.

Declined Applicant Opts In

Once the customer is declined, it's not the end of the road! Bloom Credit reaches out to your declines to provide them context to how to solve their credit needs and opt them in to our service 


Consumer Credit Analysis 

Bloom Credit analyzes the credit report of each individual in order to determine the exact cause of poor credit. Afterwards, Bloom offers an actionable solution specific to the individual's needs and financial situation. 


Ongoing Credit Monitoring 

Bloom will continue to monitor the credit situation of each consumer, offering insight on a monthly basis while allowing the lender to monitor the health of all applicants.

Eligibility Alert  

When an applicant builds their credit score to a level of acceptance, bloom re-offers a pre-approved loan on behalf of the dealer and the lender. It's pretty simple really.