Lending needs to change, and we want to help. 


Every other consumer company in the world is in a full sprint to change the way they serve customers, so why aren't lenders? Lending is in need of a change, where people are seen less for their data points in antiquated core systems and more for their potential as borrowers. 

At Bloom Credit, we believe that there needs to be a shift to customer relationships within financial services. To one where you can understand a customers needs holistically regardless of their current standing. We're on a mission to make this happen. 

You can learn more about our mission here.


The Team

Matt Harris - Cofounder and CEO

Email: Matt@bloomcred.it

Matt is the founder and CEO of Bloom Credit, where he leads the team on product, customer development, operations and just generally trying to get things done. 

Prior to founding Bloom Credit, Matt had been a consultant and advisor with a plethora of organizations. Clients included LendKey Technologies, Emissary, CreditIQ and MIT. Matt is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp Fintech in NYC . 

Christian Widhalm - Cofounder 

Christian Widhalm is a cofounder of Bloom Credit, where he advises the team on the ins and outs of the lending industry, strategy and the development of financial services technology. 

Christian is the SVP of Customer Experience at LendKey Technologies, where he leads their team on Marketing, Account Management and Product Initiatives. Prior to LendKey, Christian spent time at Takkle and MLB Advanced Media. 

Ajay is the lead advisor with Bloom Credit, where he helps the team manage aspects of marketing and technology development. 

Ajay is the CEO of Nextt, where he helps companies create real world products through experimentation and other start up resources. Ajay has been an investor and founding member of multiple successful start ups, including Tala (formerly InVenture) and Grovo. 

Ajay Rajani -
Lead advisor